In May of 2012, a group of private citizens and members of the Corozal Town Council met and established the idea that Corozal was in dire need of a solid collaboration between the private and the public sector to continue exploring, developing and safeguarding the cultural, historical and artistic identity of our community. This Group of people adopted the name Corozal Organization Leading in Cultural Heritage and Arts (COLCHA).


Celebrating, promoting and preserving the cultural heritage, art and history of our community as we identify our niche within the tapestry of National Belizean Identity.

COLCHA Envisions:

  • a.) A solid Corozaleño Identity.
  • b.) A forum for artistic development.
  • c.) A channel to promote and develop art.
  • d.) A network that will establish support and communication between the artists and business houses, media, education institutions and non– governmental organisations.
  • e.) Revival and preservation of the traditional cultural and artistic heritage