We are excited that you have landed on this page and we feel honoured!  Any assistance COLCHA receives goes directly to benefiting the advancement and socio-economic wellbeing of local cultures and the community.  Your contribution will help us to support and sustain a calendar of events which include artistic, cultural and educational activities which aims to develop, showcase and preserve Belize’s rich cultural heritage.

There are several ways you can assist COLCHA to carry out its work. You can contribute financially or becoming a volunteer.


As with any NGO money is the lifeline that allows us to carry out our mission and vision.  Contributions can be given by individuals, groups, businesses and national institutions to support all or specific COLCHA activities.  To find out more about making a donation please Contact US


COLCHA welcomes support from the community and other organization in supporting the various events, festivals and activities.  If there is a way that you see your skills could be put into our programs or you have an innovative idea please let us know.  Our organization greatest strength is in the volunteer work each of the members perform.

To volunteer, please contact any of COLCHA directors.